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The torrefied pellet plant will not be built on the Limousin mountain!


The torrefied pellet plant will not be built on the Limousin mountain!

This is an invitation from the Limousine Mountain to all potential
accomplices who oppose the industrial offensive currently taking place
under the veil of an ‘ecological transition’.

To our dear Friends in struggle in Khimky, in Bure, in Iceland, in Notre
Dame des Landes, in Białowieża, in Durham, in the the Cevennes
Mountains, in the Mi’kmaq Territory, i amazonia, the woods of  Charnie,
in Cambo, in Salau, in the Susa valley, in Dompierre, in Roşia Montană,
in Standing Rock, in Gueret, in Atenco, on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec,
in Chalkidiki, in Saint Victor, at the Lake Baikal, in Wallmapu
(Mapuche-Territory), in Guayana, in Saint-Yrieix-la-Perche, in Pyhäjoki,
on the dunes of Trégor, in İstanbul, in Landivisiau, at the Hambacher
Forst, in the Woods of Chambaran, at the Makwa Camp (Ojibwe
Territories), in Loc Envel, in the K’iche Territory, on the shores of
Kafue, in the Wendland, in the Niger Delta, in the Gran Chaco, in
Merléac, in Norra Kärr Vättern, in the gardens of Lentillères, in the
Treburer Woods, in Jabiluka (Mirarr Territory) – and everywhere  people
counter the industrial madness…


We write to you from the mountains of Limousine, somewhere in central
France. Our region is being threatened with the construction of a
torrefied biomass plant. This large-scale industrial project is being
planned in the small rural towns of Bugeat and Viam, in the Corrèze
region, an area that is a natural refuge with valleys, moors and

The development plans are being lead by a venture capitalist1 who
stumbled upon a great opportunity to make a quick buck when he made
friends with the president of the Corrèze city council
2, who is known
for his ties with the agro-industrial lobbies. Despite numerous concerns
and well-argued opposition to the plan, the public inquiry has announced
its support for the project. This makes it clear that they intend to
carry out their plans of development by force. Thus we have entered a
new phase of our struggle and the time has come to call for your

The goal of this project is to introduce a new torrefaction method that
was developed in the US. The product produced will be marketable as
‘renewable energy’ and it will be burned in French coal plants. In
short, this is an obvious attempt at a ‘green washing’ campaign that
seeks to save the same energy devouring system that has pushed us to the
brink of collapse. The magnitude of the project and the astronomical
quantities of raw plant material that it would transform into charcoal
(including the roots of the felled trees) would quickly make a desert of
our fragile mountain soils.

In recent decades, these soils have already suffered from the industrial
exploitation of resinous wood plantations. Heavy machinery, systematic
clear-cutting, rootstock removal, pesticides and heavy rains have all
taken a huge toll on our environment. It is undeniable that this process
of exploiting our natural resources is disastrous. The pellet plant
would serve as a bonus for this suicidal logic.

The development of ‘biomass’ energy seeks to put the forest as a whole
to work. This voracious beast is on the verge of attacking the plateau’s
beautiful hardwood forests as well. These mixed forests regrew on the
land in an unregulated manner after they were abandoned during the rural
exodus. These lands are now being targeted by developers who want to
control, calculate and profit from these wild regions.

For us, the struggle is about more than mere resource management or the
preservation of our particular lifestyle. This is a fight to affirm a
different way of relating to the world. We humans are but a small
fraction of that world. Like many of you, we have decided to turn our
back on our species’
frenetic race towards its own destruction. This fatal destiny of mankind
is not ours. We choose to live as earthlings amongst a diversity of
earthlings, and to defend that which makes life possible. It’s on behalf
of nature itself and its violent impulses to defend itself (which we
have only seen a small portion of) that we have made the decision to
hinder anyone seeking to add to the general pillage.

The various struggles that you all have lead all over the globe in
recent years have been a great inspiration for us. Today we would like
to contribute to a necessary effort of coordinating on at least a
European scale. There is much to share and to learn about facing off
against these projects. Even though each project seems different, they
are all expressions of the same old extractivist logic. A logic that
tries so conceal itself by hiding behind the moral alibi of an
‘ecological transition.’ Let’s share our analysis, our stories,
techniques and strategies, many of which were successful.

We invite you to come and visit us, to lend a hand if the need arises,
or to express your support in any way possible. Whether it’s today,
tomorrow, or in the weeks and months to come, we hope you will fight
alongside us during this decisive and time and help us bury this project
once and for all.

A big thank you to all. We hope to see you soon

Friends of the Limousin forest

amisdelaforet [at]

*1  M. Gaudriot CEO of the enterprises CARBON’ ENGINEER BUGEAT-VIAM  and
*2  M. Coste, president of the Conseil Général de la Corrèze.