Here are some movies we’ve made, some are ust fun and some are more serious! Check out our youtube for more:  YOUTUBE 

If you want to screen one of our movies you can contact us on kamp(a) we think it is nice to come and also have a talk at the same time. Otherwise it’s just nice to hear the movies are watched! You can also donate any amount on the startpage clicking the donate button.

The Gállok Rebellion

A movie about the struggle in Gállok, a struggle against british Beowulf Mining Plc. For clean water and a mine free Sápmi.

Fossilegas (fracking) on Öland (swe)

Movie about the corp Gripen Oil and Gas’s plans on drilling for gas on Öland despite local resistance.

Short films from Gállok:

Kamp Kallak Barricades

Second barricade in Gállok (kallak)

We are not afraid of you. Gállok