Update on the Gállok Struggle #kallak

Over the weekend, the police began circling the camp with a helicopter, indicating that a new police action was likely to take place. And sure enough, signs were set up along the roads indicating that the Beowulf/JIMAB would start blasting from Tuesday to Friday, meaning the police would probably arrive on Monday.

And they did, at approximately 10:00am today.

There were several reports early this morning that the police had started making their way to Gállok just after 8:30am with a rented bus, to take the activists away in. Five police cars, an excavator, a tractor and a bus arrived in the area.
The activists had both tied themselves the wooden structure, and two had buried their arms in pipes chained underground. In addition, members of the local communities, including the nearby Sámi communities, were on location.
It took police quite awhile to dig out the two activists, using shovels and an iron handspike, even sitting on them at one point.

At around 3:00pm six activists were driven away by bus. One of the activists fell from the wood structure, and an ambulance was called, but was quickly called off by police. In addition, police removed a vehicle from the area that was blocking the road, unsure of whom it belongs to. Police were filming those on the scene. One can wonder why, as registering political opinions is illegal in Sweden when done by a government agency such as the police.

The activists arrested are suspected of criminal conversion and violent resistance, according to police.

More to come…

Some pictures here. Several more here, and here, & more information in Swedish.