Solidarity with the struggling people in #Elsipogtog . #Mikmaqblockade #ElsipogtogSolidarity


After a very engaging week in Uppsala university on RE-Claimings, Empowerings, Inspirings for indigenous knowledge and de-colonization we took this picture to support the Mi’kmaq and their allies in the struggle against fracking on their land. Yesterday 800 (edit 200) policemen invaded Elsipogtog a village of 800 people with teargas, rubberbullets, snipers and brute force. This shows how the interest of the fracking companies and modern colonialism from authorities continue to devestate land, water and indigenous peoples. This happens all over the globe and the resistance against it needs to know no boundaries. This picture is from the 3rd supradisciplinary feminist technoscience symposium in Uppsala. This stands for a new way of studies trancending the limits of eurocentric colonial knowledge. It is inspiring to see academics take action and study how to de-colonize ourselves and the world!

We wish you all luck in your struggle against fracking!


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  1. Thank you for showing your support, as a resident of new Brunswick, it is wonderful to see that this is not just our issue, but everyone’s.:-)

    Where is Uppsala located?


    1. In Sweden! We fight struggles against fracking, mining, clear cuts etc. here in this part of the world, mainly Scandinavia. But I believe we need to show the industry there are people all over the globe fighting them. Solidarity! 🙂

  2. You really need to look deeper into the people behind this protest before you start promoting them, and to make sure you get the facts right.

    There were only about 200 police (not 800), some protesters had guns & explosives, Molotov cocktails were thrown at the police and five cop cars were set on fire. This is more than an indigenous battle or a fight against fracking. There are violent people involved, Canada is a peaceful country- you’re contributing to making it worse…

    1. You are right this is more than an indigenous battle/fight. We ALL need to get our facts straight, what will help us all (humans, animals, plant, fungi, fish) survive? Clean water or engery for machines? It’s REALLY just that simple! 200 police against civilians is 200 police to many! I wish I was there with you guys

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