Hambacher behöver dig!

Nu är det ett kritiskt läge i Hambacher! Dom kallar på alla som kan att komma dit och hjälpa till. Just nu inleds en massiv insats från polisens sida för att få bort alla skogskämpar ur dom allra äldsta delarna av skogen. Det här är en av dom sista riktiga skogarna som finns, och det är upp till oss att hindra denna galenskap.

För mer info läs mer på Hambacher forsts hemsida. Och skriv gärna en kommentar här nedan om du funderar på att åka dit, för det tänkte nämligen vi.

Här är deras utrop:

”Call from the Hambacher Forest: We need all of you!”

From the 21st of November onwards we need all of you to help stop the cutting season this year!

In three weeks there is going to be a trial concerning the lawsuit of BUND against RWE’s planned destruction of the Hambacher Wald this cutting season. The court published a “verdict” that already shows what kind of result we can expect: a piece of the forest that is not even in the existing cutting zone shall be protected. We expect RWE to try to start the destruction as soon as the trial on the 21st of November finishes. This year RWE plans to cut the oldest parts of the forest and all of the tree house villages.

We have already constructed tree houses on many strategic points and more are planned. Now we need the voices and actions of as many people as possible to save the forest.

We are going to demonstrate that this kind of exploitation of habitats for the purpose of profit can not happen without massive resistance. The struggle here is concerning everyone. One third of the German CO2 emissions are caused by lignite mining and the resulting damages to the climate are causing death, destruction, and forcing people from their homes worldwide.

Get ready to come protect the forest in the middle of November. Organize yourselves in affinity groups in advance. Put your mobile numbers on the eviction list and spread our call to allies and friends. Everyone can support us in whatever way they feel comfortable. The tree houses are well equipped, open for everyone, and serve as safe spaces. We share the burdens of repression together. We have organized Out of Action places all over Germany. If you can’t come to the forest you can support us from your city through actions of solidarity and other means.

We will keep the cutting zone squatted till the end of the cutting season. We will bring so much life to the forest RWE will not be able to carry out its plans this year. We will spread what happens during the cutting season with the help of diverse media coverage so that the whole world knows what crimes RWE is committing in the name of profit.

In case of a widespread eviction we will reoccupy the forest on the forth weekend after day X with your help. Stay informed and spread the news to family, friends and allies. Solidarity is our strongest weapon.

Together we will stop this crucial cutting season. Turn your theory into practice and live resistance. In the Hambach Forest and everywhere.

Find more information about the cutting season and how to prepare: https://hambachforest.org/cutting-season-17/

All means to contact us: https://hambachforest.org/contact/