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den pågående revolutionen fortgår som av sig själv

..Det är ju inte som om vi har något val! Det enda valet civilisationen ger oss är vems röv vi ska slicka.

Här får ni lite fotografier över hur det kan se ut när vi tar valet i våra egna händer, istället för att lyda överheten blint.

vy från balkongen
vy från balkongen
VarDASrummet fräscht med PLYwoodTV3000
VarDASrummet fräscht med PLYwoodTV3000
gömt bakom de stora fina trena finner du den frihetens HÜS! (((((everyone loves (ful) german)))))))))
gömt bakom de stora fina trena finner du den frihetens HÜS! (((((everyone loves (ful) german)))))))))

Puss och hej kom o hälsa på mej…oss.



Återockupation av Hambacherskogen i Tyskland!

Stoppa Europas största koldioxidförgiftare! Stoppa RWE och dess fruktansvärda kolkraft!

Oc­cupa­ti­on Num­ber 4!

As an­noun­ced be­fo­re, there will be a Re-​oc­cupa­ti­on at Day X+4 (the sa­tur­day 4 weeks after the evic­tion).

And: The 26th of April isn‘t just a day like ano­ther. Ex­act­ly 28 years ago from this day, the nu­cle­ar ca­ta­stro­phe in Tscher­no­byl took place. We can­not se­pe­ra­te the strugg­les against Coal and Nu­cle­ar Power. It’s not en­ough to shut down nu­cle­ar power plants and ma­king en­er­gy by burrning coal; as well it’s not ac­cep­ta­ble to stop mi­ning and burning coal and then crea­te en­er­gy by nu­cle­ar power.

It’s a com­mon re­sis­tan­ce against the de­struc­tion of na­tu­re and the on­go­ing grow­th wi­thout ques­tio­ning the re­sults. It’s a cri­ti­cism of ca­pi­ta­list thin­king, which just di­vi­des in re­sour­ces and ca­pi­tal.
We can­not wait until the next big ca­ta­stro­phe opens the eyes of peop­le.

So­me­thing has to chan­ge NOW!

So we will reoc­cu­py the Ham­bach For­rest on April the 26th, mas­si­ve and de­ter­mined!  At this day, a de­mons­tra­ti­on will start at 2 pm at the train sta­ti­on in Buir.

If you are mo­ti­va­ted to take part in the or­ga­niza­t­i­on, you can visit the “Build Re­sis­tan­ce Skill Sharing Camp”, which takes place from 12th to 25th April on the oc­cup­ied mea­dow. There will take place an open or­ga­niza­t­i­on mee­ting for the day of the Reoc­cupa­ti­on on Sun­day, 13th April, at 12am.

You can par­ti­ci­pa­te as sin­gle per­sons or af­fi­ni­ty groups in many dif­fe­rent ways: Spread the word, help with the or­ga­niza­t­i­on, oc­cu­py the trees or sup­port on the ground.  Your so­li­da­ri­ty is stron­ger than all re­pres­si­on!

For more in­for­ma­ti­on write to hambacherforst@​riseup.​net, or fol­low our blog: hambacherforst.​blogsport.​de.

To­ge­ther, we stop RWE and the open cast pit!
Re­spect Exis­tence or Ex­pect Re­sis­tan­ce!

See you on April 26th!